Holy Angels' ISC


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The school has eighty six dedicated and qualified teachers. The teachers focus as much on academics as on building a rapport with their students. This adds an extra edge to the student-teacher relationship.

The school seeks to keep the teachers updated on the emerging and effective teaching techniques by organizing seminars, workshops and refresher courses. Teachers are given opportunities to participate in external workshops to hone their existing skills and enable them to use various multimedia aids to impart education.

Teaching faculty and staff


No Name Subject
1 Suma S Malayalam
2 Geetha Nalina B Economics, History & Civics
3 Amritha Kumary V.S Hindi
4 Mariamma Varghese (Sophy) Zoology, Biology
8 Santhi S. Das Mathematics
10 Parvathy V. English
12 Padmakumary V.L. Malayalam
13 Anita Krishnan English
14 Evangeline Jesudas Physics
16 Bindhu R Hindi
17 Beena Abraham History
18 Lissy Joseph Malayalam
19 Caroline Lopez English, Geography
20 Lucy Joseph Chemistry
21 Geetha K.P. Malayalam
22 Salini K. Commerce, Accountancy
24 Sunitha Vikram Computer, Mathematics
25 Dolly George Commerce
26 Sugatha Kumary Computer, Mathematics
27 Jayalatha M. Computer, Mathematics
28 Suja R. Biology
29 Usha Rani Mathematics
30 Maria Wilson Computer, Mathematics
31 Sherry Cletus Science, English
32 Savitha Pinky Hindi
33 Jaya S. Mathematics
34 Manjula S. Computer
35 Meenu Pradeep Mathematics
36 Deepa Christy Science, Chemistry,
37 Beena O.K. Computer, Mathematics
38 Delphin D’cruz Mathematics
39 Padmini G. English, EVS
41 Rekha Mariam Antony Mathematics
42 Anita M. George Mathematics
44 Tresa Silva Computer, Mathematics
45 Aswathy B Biology
46 Smitha D.S Craft
47 Charukeshy Music
48 Pushpalatha Needlework
49 Lakshmi Priya Dance
50 Sreeja N. Geography
51 Bindhu H. Lal Mathematics, Hindi
52 Cynthia Kunjumon English
53 Sophia Fernandez Science
54 Reena Devasia English
55 Pauline Silvadasan Social Studies
56 Chitra Sony Computer
58 Mini V.R. Computer, Maths
59 Lekshmy. L Hindi, Social Studies
60 Anitha A S Biology
63 Reena George Malayalam
64 Lakshmi S Malayalam
65 Lakshmi Nath History
66 Pravda M R Computer
67 Sunita Mathews English
69 Biji P Biology
71 Jinu Suseel Physics
73 Babitha Chemistry
74 Hepsiba English
75 Kohila Devi Physical Education
76 Soumya Chemistry
77 Leena Physics
78 Angel Sathyan Computer, Mathematics
81 Kunjumon Bandmaster
83 Mithra N.S Office staff
84 Chitra O. Office staff