Holy Angels' ISC

School Policies

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The school follows strict guidelines for its effective functioning.

Attendance policy

A minimum of 85 % attendance is required for promotion. Requests for leave shall be made by parents in the child’s school diary in the space provided for it. An absence of fifteen days or more should be supported by a valid medical certificate. Unauthorised absence by the student for fifteen days or more will involve removal of the name of the pupil from the school rolls.

Curriculum policy

The general principles governing the curriculum of the school is that every child shall be entitled to and shall take up a curriculum which is balanced, broad based and pupil centred. It

  • Vouchsafes the holistic development of every child.
  • Equips the child to experience and take on the challenges of student life and prepares her/him to tread on adulthood with confidence.

Homework is compulsory and has to be viewed as materials sent home for reinforcement of lessons learnt during the day. As such parents should ensure that homework becomes a part of the daily learning process.

Discipline policy

The school strives to instill a strict sense of discipline in the students through:

  • Constant monitoring and insistence on high standards of behaviour
  • Emphasising on politeness and dignified conduct at all times
  • Inculcating mutual respect amongst students
  • Encouraging the building of a healthy rapport with teachers

Policy for parents

Parents are constantly solicited to take an effective and healthy interest in the activities of the school.Parents, students and school management have to function as a single unit for attaining the objectives of true education.  The parents are duty bound to help children observe the school rules and adhere to curriculum requirements.

  • Parents are expected to be present at all PTA meetings
  • Unless in an emergency, parents are not allowed to take students home during school hours. In other situations, prior written permission has to be sought.
  • The first period of the last Friday of every month is set apart for parents to meet teachers in the classroom
  • Parents are advised to adhere to fee schedules and not to keep payment of fees pending till the commencement of exams