Holy Angels' ISC

Prizes and Awards

  1. Rev. Sr. Xavier Memorial Gold Medal for ISC topper
  2. Rev. Mother Frances Prize awarded to the highest scorer in English for the ISC examination
  3. Special Prize instituted by the Mathematics department to the top scorer in mathematics in the ISC examination
  4. Trophy for the top scorer in the ICSE examination
  5. Rev. Mother Angela prize for outstanding performance in music
  6. Rev Sr. Olive Prize for top scorer in Catechism in Standard X
  7. Proficiency prizes for all classes
  8. Prize for the best quizzing team
  9. Prize for the best outgoing student of Standard XII
  10. Prize for outstanding contribution in cultural activities
  11. Prize for outstanding contribution in sports
  12. Prize for most regular student of Standard XII
  13. Prize for most helpful student of Standard XII
  14. Prize for special achievement
  15. Ever rolling trophy for the best house