Holy Angels' ISC


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Holy Angels’ ISC School has a kindergarten section. This separate unit within the campus has well ventilated and bright classrooms, independent playgrounds, and specially designed washrooms. This section is divided into the lower kindergarten (LKG) and upper kindergarten (UKG). School timings are from 9 am to 3 pm. Each class is assigned a trained teacher and an ayah to take care of the child’s needs and help in keeping the premises clean. Children can avail of the school bus facility and each bus trip is supervised by an ayah who travels in the bus to ensure their safety.


A scientifically prepared syllabus aimed at the holistic development of the child is the hallmark of the Holy Angels’ kindergarten. It redefines pre-school education through a well maintained balance between learning and play.

Syllabus for the LKG

For oral tests: General knowledge: Days of the week, months of the year, parts of the body etc.

Recitation: Rhymes

Extra curricular activities: Drawing, dancing, singing

For written tests:

English: writing the alphabet - both capital and small letters. Three words for each letter (e.g. A for apple, ant, axe).

Arithmetic: Count and write forward from one to fifty and backward from one to twenty.


New students are admitted only to LKG every academic year. Parents seeking admission for their child to LKG for any academic year should register the pupil's name in October of the previous year.

LKG admission: To be eligible for admission, the child must complete four years of age on the first of June.

admission to any other standard will be only according to availability of seats.

Syllabus for the UKG

English: Plurals, vowels, rhyming words, reading, cursive writing. Arithmetic: Number names 1-100, counting forward and backward 1-100. Filling in missing numbers, addition and subtraction

EVS: Family, food, parts of the plant, parts of the body

General Knowledge: Common flowers, fruits, vegetables, domestic and wild animals, baby animals.


Extra curricular activities: Drawing, dancing, singing